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New Website!

A year ago, roughly around this same time, I set up a new website at Artstorefronts. While I do love that platform, after putting heads together with the team from Collective Noun, it was decided that moving my professional practice to a separate website was the way to go.

At this point I'm simply trying to get the basics done. Happy to have a blog again though. But it is going to take some time to populate as I lost my old blog during the move to Artstorefronts.

The other aspect of my business is my creative goods. Good that are inspired by my artwork, designed by me, and made by me or for me. This is the Wild Blackbird side of my business. It features home decor items, apparel, accessories, cards and postcards, prints and more. It, too is in the process of having my creative goods added, but there is a substantial selection of prints now available.

Very much appreciate those who have stayed with me during this tech and task heavy project!

Oh and yes, this task had a little help from the covid-19 virus "shut down". Not the best art making headspace at the outset, so used the time to put this site together. Back to the studio next week!

Stay safe. Stay well everyone.

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